Assisting Executors and Trustees

TI am committed to working with you and your professional advisors, such as your lawyer, broker, financial planner, accountant and social worker.

I do .not take the place of these professionals, but work with them to facilitate the completion of tasks. Matters you and I discuss are held in the strictest confidence.

Among the tasks I can assist with are the following:

  • Organize inventory, and update investment portfolio
  • Organize information for tax return preparation
  • Contact Health & Life Insurance Companies
  • File and verify proper processing of insurance & government benefit forms
  • Research unclaimed property
  • Reconcile financial statements
  • Reconcile checkbook
  • Perform Notary services
  • Coordinate Appointments & manage relationships with professionals
  • Assure paperwork is completed correctly
  • Work with Social Security
  • Canceling utilities, services and credit cards.
  • Paying outstanding debts
  • closing accounts
  • Assist with Miscellaneous errands